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Our Story

~  The Place Weddings and Events  ~  

Having worked extensively with top Orlando theme parks, we wanted to create a beautiful and affordable place for memorable weddings and events.

Image by Nick Karvounis

The Place is a family-owned and operated location for weddings and events.  It was our dream to create a beautiful and affordable place for people to hold their most precious events.  As our family has grown we have learned how challenging it can be to find an affordable venue for weddings.  We wanted to make this a place where people could have a beautiful ceremony and reception without spending a fortune.  


Here at The Place, we offer just that.  Affordable, simple, done for you weddings and events.  We have worked together, incorporating our 50 + years of experience with special events at top Orlando theme parks, to provide a one stop location for couples to host a memorable event and start their lives with a fabulous party that doesn’t cost a fortune.  


It truly is a dream come true! 

From all of us at The Place

All of our best wishes for your wedding.  May it be the best day ever! Just remember...

It all started with a Kiss.

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